PSA Sochaux - installation completed

After only four months, Industeam and Jier (a Chinese manufacturer of deep drawing presses) signed off on the installation of four presses for the G1 tandem line and the test press for PSA in Sochaux on Thursday, 23 May. Work on the test phase has begun with the first no-load tests.

The Industeam Group continues to grow in 2021

Faithful to its strategy, Industeam spearheaded a major external growth initiative culminating in October 2020, which involved the acquisition of three companies – two in Luxembourg (DSD Luxembourg and Imécolux) and one in France (Sécométal).

Construction of the first all-biomass power plant in Martinique

The Galion 2 power plant project in Martinique is being spearheaded by Albioma, with which Industeam has already carried out projects in the French Overseas Departments and Territories, especially Guadeloupe.

Galion 2 is the first Albioma all-biomass power plant in Martinique that excludes any form of fossil fuel combustion and is designed to comply with the most stringent environmental standards (use of sugarcane residue - bagasse - and wood pellets).

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